When it comes to explaining things to someone, the way you naturally speak is almost always much easier to understand than reading text. Because of this, creating video content can help answer frequently asked questions you may get, showcase poses and highlight unique aspects at your studio.

Mandy Roush, founder of Root Down Yoga Studio in La Crosse, Wisconsin, posts a video each month on their YouTube channel going over a specific pose to share with their students and the online community.

“Each month we choose a teacher from our team to teach the pose,” said Roush. “That teacher also selects a student of the month that has a couple roles for the month: they appear in the Pose of the Month YouTube video, they share how yoga has changed their life in our monthly newsletter, and they select the local charity to receive that month’s “Karma funds”- the proceeds from our Saturday 4 pm class.”

A great thing about YouTube content is that you can watch it anywhere. Because Root Down Yoga Studio decided to highlight poses each month, it gives students the chance to focus in on becoming an expert on that specific movement.

“Our students like the opportunity to see another person demo the pose along with the instruction,” said Roush. “They can try it in the comfort of their home, and fine tune their alignment with repetition.”

Another added benefit to online video content is reaching a larger audience. If someone is struggling with a specific pose and Googles it, there is a chance that Root Down Yoga Studio’s video will appear, bringing more unique visitors to their site.

“The online community is so much larger than our studio reach,” said Roush. “Being out on YouTube exposes us to not only our existing students, but many potential students who have yet to come to us. It also helps the studio gain exposure outside our area. It’s quick, easy and inexpensive.  All you need is an account and someone capable to film and upload your videos.”