Sometimes the body wants what the body wants. Your students may wake up and feel as though they are in some sort of funk and everything seems off, or they may wake up ready to tackle the day with a new sense of drive. These moments and emotions change with each passing day, but that doesn’t mean tackling them should be handled any differently, and that needs to be reiterated to your students.

Embracing every emotion of life is the purpose of this month’s cover story on Faith Hunter’s yoga studio Embrace DC, in Washington DC. Going into their seventh year in business, Hunter has realized it is most important to accept that people are constantly on different levels in terms of emotions. There is never an excuse of, “Oh, I can’t make it to that class, I’m not feeling up to it,” or “I just need to unwind and calm down, I can’t do an upbeat flow class.”

In one day’s schedule at Embrace DC, Hunter teaches a noon class, where she feeds off the energy of the room and structures it around the vibe each person has that day. Later in the day is a 6:30 p.m. class taught by Kymmi Hayes, who Hunter described as the “party girl” of the family at Embrace.

“She always has hip-hop, jazz, sometimes house music, you never know what she is going to play,” said Hunter. “You are never going to show up to Kymmi’s class and get a big philosophy, dharma talk. You are going to feel happy and good and you might start singing in her class.”

Directly after the crazy energy of Kymmi’s class, studio manager Holly Meyers leads meditation. They want to give people the opportunity to feel the way they choose, and not be forced into a specific mood just because they need to get a yoga class in for the day.

“That is the feel and vibe that Embrace is,” said Hunter. “How are you feeling today? Some days you wake up and you need your sad music on and some days you wake up asking where your reggae and hip hop music is. That is how we are. We embrace wherever you are, and it’s all good.”