Inspired by Pilates studios that encourage or require their students to wear grip socks, I began wearing my toe-free socks to Vinyasa and Kundalini classes. With the right yoga sock, the mind-body connection remains activated and can enhance one’s yoga practice.

Here are three reasons to offer yoga socks in your studio retail space:

1. Confidence. When I was a novice on the yoga mat, particularly during rapid Vinyasa flows that elevate the heart rate and bring on perspiration, my feet often slipped and my balance wavered. During these wobbly moments, I lost focus and felt defeat. Since wearing cotton grip socks that absorb perspiration, I immediately felt more graceful and found that my thoughts centered more on my internal energy rather than any flawed movements. Knowing grips are there to give extra stability gave me the inner peace to power through the most challenging flows, breathe and remain centered.

2. Personal expression. The activewear trend is here to stay. As yogawear evolves and yogis self-identify by wearing certain brands and color schemes, there is a market for more accessories. By giving individuals one more way to express their personalities through socks that come in an assortment of colors, they are able to match their outfits, choose a style that elevates their mood, or find one that feels as good on the foot as the perfect pair of compression tights feels on their legs.

3. Phobias and Comfort. It is human nature to nitpick our bodies, and one statement I hear often is, “I don’t like to show my feet.” There is an element of vulnerability to being barefoot, and many people are skittish about germs while walking barefoot in a public setting. Yet we know that during yoga, that mind-body connection from our feet touching the ground is crucial. That’s why toeless yoga socks exist. They help activate those critical nerve endings in the toes that highlight the barefoot sensation, yet absorb moisture while providing a mental and physical comfort. The feet feel less exposed.

Making yoga socks available in your retail boutique or on display at your reception desk is an easy way to provide added comfort, style and stability to your students. One of the best ways for your students to notice you are selling gripper socks is for the instructors to wear them. Instructors are role models and whatever they wear gets noticed. Everyone will soon feel what I feel: barefoot but better.

Missa Plosky is the vice president of marketing and business development for Tucketts, makers of toe-free grip socks for barefoot workouts. She can be reached at or @lovetucketts on Instagram.