Your staff members make up the foundation of your studio’s community. Because developing and maintaining a strong community with a positive atmosphere is so integral to your yoga studio’s growth and success, you must be able to depend on your staff to create the right community for your clients. The stronger your team is, the stronger your community will be.

As a yoga studio owner, you are already passionate about your business and brand. If you can instill that same passion in your staff, they will spread it to your clients, encouraging lasting loyalty and excitement about your studio. When your staff is passionate and happy, they’ll also become more dedicated and motivated workers.

Your staff members are the public face of your business and must appropriately represent your brand. By preparing your staff properly, you are equipping them with the necessary tools to build relationships with every prospective and current client for your business. Every interaction counts, so be sure that your staff is always ready by following these three rules:

Communicate effectively and frequently

Whether you use email blasts, a mobile staff app, or even a chalkboard in the staffroom, keep your staff informed and connected with friendly, clear, and constant communication. Always consider your staff’s point-of-view first and make sure that they understand what is expected of them. With this method, your staff members will always be aware of upcoming promotions and events at your studio and ready to share this valuable information with clients.

Give back to your team

To motivate your team to perform with more passion, you have to ensure that they feel valued and appreciated by you. Offer your staff incentives through competitive pay rates, personal recognition, and other rewards to encourage them every day. When your staff is happy, it will be reflected in their performance.

Track performance

Keep a close eye on the way that your staff members perform by tracking their time, retention, attendance, and other factors that will influence your clients’ satisfaction. When you keep a record of your staff members’ performance, you can make comparisons over time and learn which of your staff members have the most effective methods. Then you can help to improve your overall staff performance by teaching those methods to your entire team.

Remember, your team is the backbone of your business. Their motivation and passion is what will inspire your clients to become loyal members of your community. Be sure to show your staff members the level of excitement and dedication you want them to have for your business.

Len Fridman is the co-founder and CEO of WellnessLiving. For more information visit or call 1-888-668-7728.