About one third of the 36 million U.S. yoga practitioners are men. While there aren’t nearly as many male practitioners, the interest in yoga among this demographic has grown tremendously. Try these four marketing strategies if you’re looking to increase male students at your studio.

Adjust Your Imagery

Go to Google and perform an image search for yoga. You’ll see page after page of women, with a few men sprinkled in here and there. Do not let the images on your website and in your marketing materials look like this. If you serve both genders at your studio, make sure the imagery you’re using reflects that. Solely featuring images of women could potentially intimidate men researching your studio.

Be Strategic

If you’re going to start marketing to men, make sure you’re marketing in places they’ll be looking. According to Entrepreneur, 54% of men use social networks when researching products or services. Try marketing to men on social media by:

• Developing an ad campaign targeting men who live close to your studio, encouraging to

try their first class for free

• Creating and sharing yoga-related articles that appeal to men on your Facebook page (or

consider writing and sharing your own blog posts!)

• Posting pictures of men practicing yoga at your studio on your Instagram and Facebook


Develop Specialized Classes

Yoga for golfers, yoga for runners or yoga for injury recovery will appeal to men and women, and it will give men who are nervous about trying yoga for the first time a common bond with everyone else in the room. It immediately offers a greater purpose for being there. He can think, “I’m here to improve my golf game, whatever it takes,” rather than, “I’ll try yoga, but I don’t know what it will do for me.”

Offer Events

Events serve as a great way to bring men into the studio for the first time. Consider offering the following events:

• Bring Your Significant Other for Free Week (fun fact: according to the Yoga Alliance, 33%

of yoga practitioners got started because of a free class)

• Host a partner yoga class or workshop

• Offer a yoga and brews evening, featuring beer from local breweries

• Hold a short workshop on a practical topic like stress reduction or meditation 101

Adjusting your marketing efforts ever so slightly can help you attract an entirely new target market your studio. If you’re looking for additional marketing tips, visit Zen Planner’s website to get your copy of the free 10-Step Marketing Guide for Yoga Studios.