Nicole Cyrille describes how Yoga Harmony makes all students feel welcome — regardless of gender, age or race.


MSM: How did your studio come about? What was your vision or mission?

I have a neuromuscular disease that doctors say can only get worse. Through a strong yoga practice I managed to prove them wrong. I found healing and a deep sense of peace from my practice. I wanted to share that and was blessed enough to have family and friends that believed in me. We wanted to create a space where all feel welcome on their mats regardless of gender, age, ability, race, identity, etc. All are welcome.

MSM: What is an interesting or unique feature about the design of your studio?

We use infrared heat and have an eco-friendly space. Yoga is more than the physical. In the philosophy of yoga there is a Nama called Ahimsa, which means “do no harm.” Building a space that is eco-friendly helps us to do no harm to the environment and to each other. Our flooring is antibacterial and antimicrobial. We use air and water filtration systems. We built everything we could in the most environmentally safe way possible.

MSM: What is a key to your success?

I will say that we are blessed to have amazing teachers and yogis who share their spirits. They are what makes our studio space so welcoming and inviting.

MSM: What advice would you give other studio owners?

I wouldn’t be so bold to presume that I have any more to offer than what they already have inside them to begin with. Each person, teacher and studio has to be true their own identity.