A recent HubSpot survey found “82 percent of consumers rate an ‘immediate’ response as important or very important.” Email automation is a vital tool to reduce response times and keep your studio connected. Below are five essential automated emails: 

New Prospect Response

Your studio’s online presence is a critical component of your business, especially for prospecting. However, when new leads are identified through online resources, like website interest forms, minimal response time is more important than ever, as 78 percent of customers give their business to the company that responds first to an inquiry. A new prospect response email should automatically trigger when a new lead comes through an online form. This quick contact acts as a confirmation, ensuring the lead a team member will reach out shortly. 

New Client Response

Each time a new client purchases a package with your studio, they should receive a welcome email outlining important studio details like operating hours, class schedules and staff contact information. This email should set the tone for their client experience: a studio that is organized and responsive to their needs.  

Birthday Email

Birthday emails are the simplest way to show client appreciation. It’s a small gesture, but offers great retention benefits. For regular clients, it’s another link in the goodwill you’ve built with them. For long-absent clients, it’s a friendly check-in that keeps your studio on their radar. And it never hurts to add a small reward to your birthday emails like a free product or class.

Expired Trial

Everyone loves a free trial, but far fewer enjoy taking out their metaphorical checkbooks when they end. Expired trials build up quickly in every fitness studio, which makes expired trial email notifications a must. It may be the final nudge some prospects need to buy a class package. If not, it’s still an opportunity to thank them. This small courtesy can set you apart from competitors while laying the foundation for a potential client in the future. 

No Check-in

Attendance drives retention. A 2017 IHRSA report found, “every additional visit by a member in a given month, in turn, reduces the risk of that member cancelling in the subsequent month by 33 percent.” Triggered by clients failing to check-in within a specified number of days, automated no check-in emails are the front line of lower attrition rates. These “We miss you” emails act as virtual accountability, motivating absentee clients to refocus on their fitness goals. 


As you implement these touchpoints, remember email automation is only as effective as the team that utilizes it. The best automation works in conjunction with regular staff reach outs. 

Kevin Talley is the digital content coordinator for Club OS. He can be reached at ktalley@club-os.com