Yoga and animals are going together in a variety of combinations.

But what is behind the idea of yoga and animals?

One benefit is it incorporates therapy animals into one’s practice. In fact, reports simply petting animals releases positive hormones in humans that increase moods. From reducing loneliness and boosting mental stimulation, to helping a student relax or breathe slower, the website offers several benefits when it comes to animal therapy.

The above benefits just might come in handy when hosting your own yoga-animal class. Check out what options are out there and what some studios have done to incorporate animals into their practice:

Goat Yoga

Laughing Frog Yoga is hosting two Goat Yoga classes in the month of December. Baby goats provided by Party Goats LA wander around while you practice in the studio. The event has continued to sell out since the studio first hosted one in July.

Kitten Yoga

Ahimsa Yoga Studio partnered with Animal Care League (ACL) to host a class with kittens in August. The kittens that were allowed to run about the practice room were all up for adoption. Plus, students received a free ACL water bottle, as well as a coupon for a discounted session at the studio. Tickets were $20, with $15 going to ACL.

Bunny Yoga

Could it be the next big thing? The Small Animal Rescue Society of British Columbia held a fundraising event that brought in bunnies alongside yogis. Although it brings to question how to clean up after the bunnies, it could be an idea for your studio.

Dog Yoga

Awakened Yoga Studio in Sugar Land, Texas, partnered with Sugar Land Animal Shelter dogs to bring about dog yoga this past summer. The studio had dogs from the animal shelter at their studio – all up for adoption of course – and also invited owners to bring along the furry best friends they already had. It was dog adoption with a bonding yoga class at the tail end.

Horse Yoga

Although horse yoga can’t happen inside your studio, it’s something to consider as an offsite yoga event. Yoga Vermont looks to take advantage of yoga with horses, utilizing the therapeutic abilities it can have.