In December 2015, Meta Yoga studio celebrated five years in business. But the concept was over six years in the making.

A little over six years ago, Breckenridge, Colorado, had just one public space to practice yoga: at the town’s historic Abby Hall. At the time, there were no stand-alone yoga studios. So when the building got a new owner, the yoga community lost its only space.

Yoga practitioners Jason Rodon and Leslie Ross decided to step up to fill the gap, and opened Meta Yoga. “Our stars aligned and we found a great space just outside of downtown that was affordable, and opened in the fall of 2010,” said Rodon.

Rodon explained what’s unique about Meta Yoga Studio is the variety of classes it offers. He said they rely on their teachers to teach what classes or styles they’re most comfortable with, which is attractive to students.

“Our focus is to be supporting not only the community, but also the teachers in the community,” explained Rodon. “We’re not a dogmatic yoga studio. It’s up to the teachers to teach to their strengths, and if someone wants to teach hot yoga, for example, we fully support that.”

Meta Yoga Studio supports the community in many other ways. For example, recently it hosted the Once in a Blue Moon festival, which purpose was to raise money for Bond Camp, a community member who had been paralyzed the previous winter.

“This event was a donation-based event for the entire weekend,” explained Rodon. “We had a silent auction, we had guest presenters that donated their services and time. All the proceeds for that entire thing went to Bond Camp and his cause.”

According to Rodon, it’s extremely important for yoga studio owners to give back to their communities, as much as they can. “Because these teachings go beyond the financial model,” said Rodon. “We’ve found that the more that we give, the more that we receive. The good will of the studio shines in the community and brings us much more back overall, or over a long period of time, due to the community offerings.”

As Meta Yoga Studio moves past its 5-year anniversary, community will continue to be a main focus.