Anahata jewelry for yogis was founded as a spiritual sadhana for both the founder and the students they serve. Everyone does yoga for a variety of reasons – for some it’s a great physical practice that keeps them feeling good and healthy, and for others it allows a deeper connection into the universal consciousness. Whatever individual reasons, everyone is on a path and need to feel supported in their practice. Anahata jewelry offers simple and elegant talismans, using Om symbols that are beautifully carved, lotuses that remind all to rise through the circumstances of life with beauty and grace and mantras that keep you connected to the classical spiritual forms of Siva, Ganesha and others you may feel drawn to. All of these serve as reminders of why everyone should keep practicing and keep striving toward the balance of body, mind and spirit.

The brand was founded by a long time product and fine jewelry designer as a way to connect her passions for design and yoga. Anahata is completely hand crafted by artisans in Bali and Turkey out of fine sterling silver with some offerings in 18k gold plating and rose gold plating. Pricing for the collection is also designed to be very affordable, and make for easy self purchase or gifting items.

The collection is simple and elegant in it’s concept and packaging. All items are packaged in easy cards that sit beautifully in a branded wooden display stand. The stand can be kept at the front desk of any studio or within a dedicated boutique. If the boutique has a full assortment of jewelry in locked display cases then the items can be shipped without the packaging to suit your own merchandising needs. With years of experience in retail, merchandising and design, Anahata strives to serve yoga studio owners who want to add to their sales and growth strategies while supporting their students in a meaningful way.

At the core of the collection is the Mini Om earring, with a  wholesale price of $12 in silver and $15 in gold plated and rose gold plated. If a studio were to stock just this one style they could easily add to the bottom line sales to drive higher revenue on a weekly basis. The Mini Oms are an easy self purchase for many students that don’t require a whole lot of thought. This means an easy transaction for our busy lives and a net gain of something precious for the student and higher sales for the studio.