I recently was searching for a dog trainer in my area and I found myself lost in a world of reviews. I went through Yelp!, Facebook and Google reading what each person had to say, positive and negative, about different trainers.

Then, I realized something. If I cared this much about researching who would be taking care of my dog, then I can only assume people are doing the same when they look at what yoga studio to go to. That is where the importance of reviews comes into play, as it can make or break your studio.

Now, it is easy to think there is nothing you can do to change what people write about you on the Internet. Wrong.

Here are a couple strategies to implement that can help your studio receive raving reviews or battle the negative ones:

Acknowledge the Negative Reviews

As much as every studio would like for each student that walks through their door to love their experience with them, we all know there are people who won’t be raving about it. If these people write negative reviews, you will instantly want to hide those or take them to heart. However, it is important to recognize their complaints.

While I was looking for a dog trainer I found myself being a fan of the companies that responded to the negative client experiences. I was instantly shocked to read if someone had a bad experience, but when a company replied trying to resolve the issue it made me respect them more.

Try apologizing and following up with the client in the comments by offering them a solution to fix their problem. How they respond is then placed upon them, but at least potential clients reading reviews will know you aren’t just letting these things fly.

Ask Your Clients to Review Your Studio

According to a survey conducted by Bright Local, seven out of 10 people will leave a review for a business if asked. Keeping this in mind, don’t be scared to ask your students to leave you reviews on various platforms.

I loved reading how clients of various dog trainers had seen results in short time spans after taking their dog to a particular place. Potential students are looking for a yoga studio with results — whether they be emotionally or physically — and will be more apt to try studio out that has multiple reviews of positive results.

After popular class times or a unique workshop try asking students to leave a review of what they thought. Or, send out an email with links to your Yelp!, Google and Facebook pages encouraging students to leave their true thoughts and feelings.