We all know balance is at the core of yoga, whether it’s being able to do the Eagle Pose without falling over or balancing your time between life and your business. As a provider of online scheduling and marketing tools, Schedulicity’s purpose is to provide tools to yoga teachers to achieve that work/life balance. In a recent interview with Shannon Crow, the Connected Yoga Teacher, the VP of Product, Jane Crites, dives into the ways Schedulicity has worked, and continues to work, to help business owners like yourself. Here’s our favorite pieces of that interview:

Shannon: So I would like to dive in and ask you a question that a lot of Connected Yoga teachers ask me right away when they start finding out about Schedulicity – how is it that this company can offer itself for free?

Jane: So, we’ve always had a class scheduling piece, but it wasn’t until a couple years ago that we decided to lower the barrier to entry and offer free class scheduling, because we, at our very core, are committed to helping small businesses grow… You can try it out, and then what we find is that once these studios get to a certain point, they then have the ability to grow within Schedulicity. So we have things like package management, auto billing and a payment integration with Square – that’s how we make our money with those more premium add-ons. As soon as a studio is ready, they can upgrade, instead of managing packages on a spreadsheet or punch cards. That’s how we make our money.

Shannon: Yes! Once I was booking 20 one-on-one sessions, then I was making enough money to be able to pay for that upgrade. So it really does make sense and it really does help the yoga teacher who’s just starting out.

So can you share what some of your future things are, because I feel like you guys are really putting a lot of new features out quickly. So, what’s coming next? You’re in product so that’s what I always like to ask you.

Jane: There’s a couple of different things that we want to do – one of the things is advanced class features. Like I said earlier, we want to grow with you, so there gets a point where you need more than auto-billing and need more than packages. You need more than payment. A lot of yoga studios that I’ve talked to, they’re ready for a wait-list. Studios have requested that their students be able to book multiple classes at once or they want guest booking. So I can book your workshop if you have space for myself and my mom and my friend. It’s just more of those advanced features that maybe a studio starting off doesn’t necessarily need.

And then we are looking at a feature that is called Fill My Class. It allows studios to highlight new classes that they want to fill or highlight new instructors that want to establish a following. They can say, on Tuesdays at two, we have this new instructor and you should check her out and we’ll give you a little bit of a discount just to check out the studio. So that’s really exciting. And then we’re also looking into being able to allow businesses to promote other businesses within the Schedulicity community. We are very much community based. So in Bozeman there are a large number of businesses in various industries and what we found is that those business owners know each other. They want to talk to their students about their esthetician, their personal trainer, their plumber… So, we’re giving them the ability to basically recommend these other businesses so that, I know Shannon, I trust her and I’m looking for hairstylist, I’m going to talk to her. I’m going to see who she recommends. And so, it’s really just allowing businesses to lift each other up, which is really, really cool.

Shannon: Well I’m even thinking of a workshop that I have coming up and there’s one spot left in it and I don’t have to worry, like I don’t have to email anyone back. It’ll just say full.

Jane: Well, that’s the other beautiful part for you and works really well for your workshop – people are signing up online. You’re getting their contact information, specifically their email address and you get to start creating that client database essentially, where the next workshop that you have, you can send out a marketing message that says, “Hey, I’m doing another workshop. The last one was full. You should sign up today. You should sign up early.” It allows you to communicate with your clients and get them coming back in for those particular classes or workshops or events.

Shannon: So if you had to think of one piece of advice for yoga studio owners that are thinking, I’d like to bring Schedulicity into what I have, but they’re not sure… Is there any advice that you would give them?

Jane: I would say it’s free so you can check it out. You don’t have to set it up all at once. I truly think that once you go through those couple of [setup] steps, that you will start to see the power that it has behind it and the time that it gives you back. So I would say just go for it, sign up. It doesn’t take very much of your time and you’ll eventually see that it saves you a lot of time.

Shannon: Yeah. And the rockstar team is there if you want to call, email or chat. The chat – that’s my favorite because I feel like I can write my question and then it’ll just make a little noise like bing. Someone’s getting back to you. And it’s fast.

To hear the full interview, visit theconnectedyogateacher.com. To learn more about schedulicity, check out the website at schedulicity.com.