For a long time now there has been an industry standard for software in the studio environment. Unfortunately the more talk that goes around about this “industry standard”, the more negativity gets spread with whispers of discontent and frustration. Where did all the love and positivity go?!

Well, don’t worry studio owners – help is on the way. The fitDEGREE team is hard at work to give you a software package to be positive about. Your software package should be a part of your team, not suffocating your time and money. fitDEGREE strives to reach technological efficiencies so that you pay less, not more! There are three things they value,

  1. Simple & Effective Software (obviously) – Making the software “work” is only half the battle, they spend all of their hours making the software simple. Why? So that your life is simple. As Elon Musk said “Any product that needs a manual to work is broken.”
  2. Friendly Customer Support – You’re not just one of their clients – you are a part of their team and they will treat you as such. As Jeff Bezos said, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”
  3. Economical Pricing – If you win, they win. Their goal is to offer studios all of the functionality they need to succeed without gouging them on the price. This one was said by them, “We want to increase OUR effectiveness, not YOUR prices.”

There are two great packages to choose from and both cost considerably less than the other guys. As if that wasn’t already good news, they believe in being “grandfathered” in when it comes to price. You will never be charged more year after year for your package, even though new features will continually be added. Business is about growth and fitDEGREE wants to grow with you, not at your expense.