Did you know 256 yoga studios opened up last year? About 40% will make it at best, and most of the studios offer the owner to buy himself/herself a job.  Many turn their passion of teaching yoga into a complicated, stressful and arduous process that becomes a very un-yogic experience. Here are eight tips to keep the bliss in your yoga business space and keep you jumping out of bed every morning.

1. What is Your Style and Culture?  

The thread, or what we call in yoga “sutra,” needs to stay consistent within your studio. Classes can be different, but the vibe, message and yoga approach need to have a similar message, so your students know what they are going to get. Keep clarity in your studio style, classes and message.  Community among your teachers must be strong and aligned. Mismatched class offerings, names and styles are one of the biggest challenges within yoga studio culture, which challenges the message.

2. Choose the Right Software

Yoga studio owners tend to flock to one main member software platform.  Ensure the member software you choose is right for you and can provide everything you need to assist you with your studio, and that it works with ease. Ensure your member software company is there for you to guide you through any of your needs at any time and provide the strategic partnership you are looking for and need. Member software should capture everything necessary to ensure you member community involvement and engagement, easy billing, easy capture of information and can assist you in all your marketing needs. Do your research.

3. Electronic Funds Transfer

We make our money on membership. Monthly billing is powerful while packages, punch cards and messy options are outdated. Get your members on recurring billing to manage your budgets and success rates better.

4. Marketing  

Do your research using a smart funneling system – like social media ads where you can capture look alike audiences, demographics and focus on driving business to your door with great offers and events. Get smart in the social media world and do your research; it is a lot more than just a page for you to post on. Your website and ads must do the following: Create trust, get them involved by asking questions, move them to an offer, get them to join. 

5. Be Amazing in Your Community

Yoga is for everyone, so guide the way. Be involved in every aspect of your community and show up. Really care and lead with clarity. Coach your students better than anyone in the industry and stay updated, constantly learning, growing and sharing. Be present every time. Videotape yourself teaching and assess it every week.

6. Create FOMO Every Day

If your members have a “Fear Of Missing Out” (FOMO), they will be there.  Notice those who aren’t in class and communicate with your members every day. Become their daily guide through messaging, emails, even handwritten notes thanking them for coming to class or just telling them how amazing they were in class.

7. Member Referrals

Did you know, 80% of your business comes from member referrals? Your members are your ambassadors. The more they love you, the more they will do for you. Make your studio their second home

8. High Attendance

Members vote with their feet. Pack your classes. If attendance is low, there is a reason so cancel the class. Take the less is more approach.

By Lori Lowell. She has been serving the fitness and yoga industry for over 25 years. A programming expert, 500-hour ERYT and club owner, Lori understands how to get a member and keep them. Focusing on Drishti Beats, her down tempo electronic chill live band yoga classes, and a myriad of teacher trainings, classes and offerings, Lori is a visionary of creative practice and brand development. Email her at lori@drishtibeats.com or visit drishtibeats.com.