A healthy work-life balance requires letting go and accepting your limitations. It also includes making peace with imperfection. Being a perfectionist, business owner and yoga teacher makes my relationship with balance quite complicated.

We all experience weeks when the work seems to triple or the emergencies are non-stop. Each added request we make of our body and time can bring us one step closer to toppling over. After landing in the doctor’s office from serious burn-out, I knew I had to fix my toxic relationship with work. By shifting your focus, priorities and attitude, you can achieve a more sustainable work-life balance, too.

Change your focus, change your life and feel empowered. In yoga and in life, remaining balanced on one foot becomes more difficult when we lift our arms or move our gaze. Every request we make of our body and time adds another item to our juggling act. Living a more balanced life requires us to let go of non-essentials while accepting imperfection. Instead of focusing on holding my balance while striving for perfection, I began to hone in on mundane and simple tasks I could let go of to remain balanced.

Get your priorities straight. By making your work-life balance your daily intention, you can better put things into perspective. Accepting that your time is a limited resource, your top priorities can almost set themselves. For me, my top priorities are non-negotiable: family weekends, attending important events and staying healthy. Schedule non-negotiable events and needs first to establish a healthy boundary of what is most important. If you were to look at my calendar, you can see that my plans and appointments reflect my goals: projects, workouts, family time and date night. As an honesty insurance policy to hold myself accountable, my work calendar syncs with a single family calendar. Plus, my kids always remember family time.

Get organized to work smarter, not harder. Chaos means missed opportunities and inefficiency. Wherever possible, utilize technology to assist in task completion. This can be anything from automated delivery, emails or payments, apps or devices. We are lucky to be in a golden age of technology with tons of resources at our fingertips. To help lighten the workload at the studio, I employed two apps that integrate with our current MINDBODY application. All calls, text messages, emails and other tasks are handled by Buyfrederick and FrontdeskAI. It has been a game-changer.

Get your team on board. Accepting your limitations, priorities and scheduling is only part of the battle. It’s easy to find yourself cruising along in a groove, only to be thrown into chaos when the next work emergency strikes. Maintain your balance by building a support team filled with compassionate and flexible cheerleaders wherever you may roam. At Yoga Lily, we strive to establish our balance-focused work ethic by giving each of our teachers a self-care plan booklet within their studio welcome packet. We encourage everyone to be authentic about his or her boundaries, needs and human limitations. Empower your team to own priorities and enlist them to guard your work-life balance.

It’s important to remember that finding and maintaining your balance is a practice and a journey. And a healthy work environment starts at the top and trickles down to your staff. The good news is that the power to make major changes is within your reach. You may not look perfect or might find yourself wobbly, but eventually you will find the steady balance you’re looking for.