Cathy and Evan Madeo, the owners of Honor Yoga Princeton, began working with Honor Yoga in 2014. A friend of Cathy was practicing under Maria Turco, the chief yogini at Honor Yoga, and recommended the couple reach out to Turco when Cathy expressed interest in teaching opportunities.

“I immediately clicked with Maria’s vision to spread yoga and create eco-friendly studios with consciously minded yogis,” said Cathy. The connection between the pair led to the opening of Honor Yoga Princeton, and the Madeos have seen nothing but benefits to their business since inception.

“Honor Yoga has a thriving community of students, 200-RYT graduates and teachers and local brand recognition that we can build on,” said Cathy. “Having a strong network within Honor Yoga allows us to pull from a talented group of teachers and graduates for hiring, as well as have a built-in support from other owners.”

Not only has the business side of Honor Yoga Princeton flourished because of the partnership, but the students have seen immense benefits from Honor Yoga as well.

“Honor Yoga offers so much more than just classes, as part of the brand we can extend so many opportunities to our clients including teacher training, retreats, and membership options that as a single studio we would not be able to offer.”

Cathy and Evan are able to work closely with Maria Turco because of the tight-knit community created by the Honor Yoga team. As a result of this working relationship, they’ve been able to develop new initiatives such as an online video platform that is now a thriving part of the Honor Yoga brand as well.

With growth on the horizon for Honor Yoga, Cathy and Evan are excited for what is to come in the future for their business and the organization as a whole.

“This is such an exciting place to be because there’s so much opportunity for Honor Yoga,” said Cathy. “As much as Honor Yoga is a community, it is also a platform for you to grow as a yoga teacher and business owner. “

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