Los Angeles is an easy place to get lost in the shuffle. Between the cost of living and chasing dreams, stress can start to add up. Abica Dubay was attending acting school in LA, and her movement class for one semester was yoga. As time passed, the class became her safe space — her time to break free from the speed of LA.

“Yoga was my quiet place just for me,” said Dubay. “It was my time for myself, and I just never stopped. I loved it.”

Dubay quickly added “become a yoga instructor” to a bucket list, but before she knew it she began landing acting roles. It wasn’t until years later Dubay decided to return to that list and follow her goals. 

“Yoga for me was always so personal because of the stress of outside life, but after teaching more I was inspired by the community, how the relationship with yourself sets the tone with every other relationship in your life, how personal goals keep you creative and how responding to situations is a choice you are in control of,” said Dubay.

Dubay was working at a local brewey, where every Saturday morning they hosted yoga outside. She had found time to take a class, and mentioned to the teacher afterwards the possibility of subbing if ever needed. Fortunate enough, he was headed to Hawaii soon and was looking for a substitute — Dubay was hired on the spot. 

“It was such a great starting ground for me because the classes were pretty big, so I immediately had to learn to keep my eye on a lot of people at different levels,” said Dubay. “It gave me the courage to reach out to a few studios and was put on their schedules.”

Dubay recently moved back to her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, where she teaches at multiple studios. And the instructor who gave Dubay her first class at the brewery? He also moved to Kentucky — the pair are set to get married in the coming year. As the year will bring changes for Dubay, her dedication to yoga has no plans of wavering. 

“I think as long as I am involved with yoga, I’ll be happy,” said Dubay. “Yoga will be apart of my life until the day I die.”