“It takes a lot of guts to be an entrepreneur. If you get pushed down, you have to be willing to get back up,”explained Darby Brender, the founder of Fusion Fitness in Kansas City, Kansas. She was speaking to a crowd of hundreds at the recent MINDBODY BOLD Conference held in San Diego, California.

Brender was a speaker on the Women in Leadership panel sponsored by Mindful Studio Magazine at BOLD.  Joining her as panelists were Sarah Larson Levey of Y7 Studio, Andrea Lucas of Barre & Soul and Philecia Manuel of Romance and Dance Pole Aerobics, and moderating the panel was Kaitlyn Clay, the editor of Mindful Studio.

It was an inspiring panel where the four women shared their triumphs and relatable tribulations that every business owner goes through, making the crowd of entrepreneurs feel safe in their own fears. The last 15 minutes was dedicated to the audience, as they were able to ask the women on stage questions they had about the woes of being a woman in leadership or simply to ask for advice for their current struggles.

The room left feeling encouraged and ready to tackle the action-packed three days of the BOLD conference left to come. That feeling was matched as keynote speakers First Lady Michelle Obama and professional tennis player and human rights activist Billie Jean King inspired the masses the following two days.

“You can be inspired every day if you just pay attention,” said King as she lobbed tennis balls into the crowd, speaking on the importance of being bold in every aspect of your life.

Outside of First Lady Michelle Obama and Billie Jean King, there was a multitude of incredible speakers, presentations and panels during the three-day conference. Nearly everything was covered, from the state of the industry and the latest wellness trends to a presentation by the founder of Drybar, Alli Webb, on her success story.

But most importantly, studio owners and wellness professionals were able to connect and network, having everyone who attended leaving feeling like they were all in this together. There were coffee breaks between panels, workout sessions strategically placed throughout the day and the BOLD Bash to forge new friendships and memories.

And the best part is the 2019 BOLD Conference is already in the works, planned to be help in Anaheim, California, on August 13-15, 2019, for those who are already yearning to learn more or those who are ready to experience it for the first time.