Maybe you’ve heard of the profession and pro-passion of being a “Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant” that has been proven to be a perfect fit for Yogis who wish to augment their practice or have as a  new,  viable career upon retirement. Being a Celebrant dove-tails elegantly with Yogi’s philosophy of life and sharp business sense.  Interested? Read this…

Certified Celebrants receive their training and certification at the Celebrant Foundation & Institute (CF&I), a NJ nonprofit educational organization that teaches Life-Cycle Celebrants via their online, real-time courses. Students are taught by expert Celebrant teachers in a Jungian based, lively, interactive online class format on how to create and officiate at meaningful and relevant life-cycle ceremonies for the purpose of deepening and enriching human connection.  Fine-tuned and personalized Celebrant ceremonies meet people’s life seminal and transitional moments with significance by focusing on the client honoree’s personal story and all that is meaningful to them.

The Celebrant classes offered are: Wedding Ceremony certificate, Funeral and End of Life Ceremony certificate, Life-cycle Ceremony (for individuals, communities, children, nature and animal) certificate, Healing and Transition Ceremony certificate and the Master Celebrant certificate.

There are over 1000 Celebrants who have graduated from CF&I. As a group Celebrants officiate at over 50,000 ceremonies each year.  Celebrant make between $600 and $1300 for their services. Many consider being a Celebrant a viable career and a complement to their established Yoga profession.

Just for you: Mindful Studio readers receive a $100 tuition savings to come on board for the summer 2017 session beginning early June.

The Celebrant Foundation & Institute believes that in today’s multi-cultural and fast-paced world, the only way people can live an authentic, full life is by consciously taking the time to recognize, celebrate and pay homage to life in a thoughtful and soul fulfilling way.

Over the last two decades, the Celebrant Foundation and Institute has been featured by these media outlets and more: NPR, CBS TV News, Huffington Post, NY Times, BBC News, CNN and Money Magazine, Rachel Ray TV Show, New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

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Youtube video: Jan 2017 Weddings with Zita, TV show with guest Elisa Chase, CF&I  Academic Manager discussing Ceremony, Ritual and the Celebrant Foundation & Institute.