Many of us are deeply concerned about the state of our world. But over the past couple of decades, some progress has been made. During this time in our collective history we’ve accumulated wisdom and have become tuned-in beings and well-seasoned adults. The old adage rings true: “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” 

Now let’s put a spin on this by saying: “Humans need to unite with likeminded people and organizations to actively take part in nurturing our communities to help them grow.” There is truth to starting this process locally where we live, and then, as the ripple effect takes place, a tipping point can occur and finally, the momentum for our good work goes global. 

Mindful Studio readers are the seeds for change to create a better world. As my dear friend Kit Turen says, “Bloom where you are planted.” Many Mindful Studio readers are yoga professionals who have an innate interest in helping people, which makes them perfectly positioned to improve our collective future exponentially. 

Marking the trials, tribulations and triumphs in people’s lives nobly via personalized ceremonies and rituals is our ancestor’s proven formula for what we can now experience as modern joy that has been passed down for us to re-remember the moments in our lives today.   

Personalized ceremonies honor the pivotal moments in life that make us who we are and can create awareness, understanding and strengthen the life force both for the individual and our communities — which establishes a foundation for a healthy future for generations to come.  

Becoming a certified celebrant opens up a world of new opportunities for many people’s professional practice and personal well-being ­— and it may just ring true for you as a yoga studio professional. 

Charlotte Eulette is the International Director for Celebrant Foundation & Institute. Want to hear more? Visit the link below to register and sign up for a free, lively and informative upcoming Celebrant Institute’s Open House Webinar: We can’t wait to meet you. Our winter online, live and with a teacher courses begin the week of January 28, 2019. Gift to you: Mindful Studio Readers receive $100 off tuition.