Shopping around for a new location for your studio can be a tough feat. But once you have determined your ideal neighborhood for your community, the hard work can finally begin. If you are signing a lease for your new location then it is imperative you discuss lease terms with the landlord and property manager before you sign on the dotted line.

The best way to prepare for these tough conversations is by creating a list of questions and concerns before visiting the vacant space. Below, is a list of four considerations to keep in mind as you discuss your lease for your studio.

Maintenance Requests

Things are going to break. Things are going to malfunction. And while most landlords are happy to take care of repairs, you will be wanting to operate on a quick timeline to keep members happy. Make sure you know their procedure for requesting assistance and what to expect as a typical response time. Will you contact them via text, email, an online form? This ensures consistency between the two parties.


While most yoga classes are peaceful and quiet, there will be a lot of traffic coming in and out of your studio, along with chatter in the lobby area. Make sure you are upfront about the level of noise during the lease negotiation process. Your landlord could receive a couple calls from other tenants regarding the noise and this prevents them from feeling mislead by you.

Competing Businesses

While competition is healthy for a business, no one wants to open up shop and have another studio move into the same area a month later. Request the right to refuse the introduction of a business that will negatively impact your revenue. A landlord is looking to reach full occupancy on their space and may not be willing to make sure you are satisfied with other tenants, but it is important to go over these rules and make your request known.


This sounds trivial but moving trash bags from one end of a large property to another in snow or rain can be miserable. Ask if you will be sharing dumpsters, if you can add one by a back door and if you are in charge of choosing a trash removal company. Also, asking if there is an opportunity to recycle on-site won’t hurt either.