This fall, B Yoga is announcing the launch of B CLEAN, an antibacterial mat spray created by the B Yoga team themselves. After studio and consumer requests, B Yoga has taken on being the manufacturer and maintenance crew of their iconic grippy rubber B MATs.

Yoga mats can be a place for zen and solstice, but also a gradually dirty place if the proper measures aren’t taken. Yoga mats reside on the floor, are then sweat on, touched, and rolled over, so the cleanliness topic is bound to come up and B Yoga wanted to take this issue head on.

The B CLEAN mat spray is a brew of 100% organic ingredients, designed to not only clean and

prevent bacteria growth but also provide a post or pre yoga mist that will aid in relaxation, stress reduction and finding a sense of calm. This is due to the carefully curated combination of essential oils chosen by the team.

Orange essential oil (alleviate anxiety and aids in calm), spearmint essential oil (stress reduction), tea tree oil (antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral) and purified water (diluent), that’s it!

B Yoga’s mat spray is free of harmful chemicals, parabens or toxins so yogis can feel at ease using this cleaning product all over their valued yoga mat. In a market where cleaning products can be harsh, abrasive and filled with unknown chemicals it was important to B Yoga that their spray have none of these characteristics. Yogis should be able to comfortably and confidently place their body onto their freshly cleaned mat surface without hesitation and B Yoga has achieved a product that will allow yogis to do this.

The B CLEAN mat spray will be available on in a 250ml individual size, packaged in a reusable stainless steel bottle. It will also be available in a 950ml studio refill size so you can refill that stainless steel bottle time and time again!

Keep it clean, yogis. Fresh, calm and clean.

B Yoga is a yoga essentials company based in Toronto, Canada ( Contact B Yoga at 1-800-475-0801 or at