Yoga Six graced the cover of Mindful Studio in the Nov/Dec issue. With 13 locations across the United States, the company is making strides to be one of the key players in the yoga community.

One thing CEO Peter Barbaresi stressed was the importance of collaboration between studio owners. Barbaresi explained he has learned and implemented many different strategies by networking with leaders in the industry.

Here, Barbaresi goes a bit more in depth on why this is an important outlook for studio owners and operators to have:

MS: What is a lesson you have learned that you think could benefit other studio owners and operators?

PB: I believe in a strong peer group. Connect with other yoga and boutique fitness studio owners. There’s a lot of information to share without causing competitive issues. No one has cornered the market on the perfect studio operation, so I am a big believer in getting to know your peers in the marketplace.

MS: How do you practice this lesson?

PB: In my career, I have made it a point to get to know my peers and my competition. You don’t have to share trade secrets, but to have an honest conversation about things that are generally working or not working is OK.

MS: How do you know when these honest conversations aren’t working?

PB: Each conversation has boundaries and has to be judged based on the discussion about how far you can go into that topic. It’s kind of a touchy thing I guess, but you have to have intuition. Nonetheless, I think having an ‘arms folded and I’m not talking to anybody’ type of attitude is a big negative. I don’t think that’s helpful and no one is going to want to help you in return.

To read more about Barbaresi’s lessons learned, and to find out about the success of Yoga Six, find the cover story here.