Imagine leaving a group of kids alone one afternoon in a room with a giant bowl of candy. A lot of things could go wrong, even if they knew better than to eat copious amounts. Honestly, most people, children or adults, would have a hard time being left in a room with candy. But by setting rules and limitations for the child pertaining to the candy, they are at least a little less likely to reach out and grab a piece.

Though restrictions and guidelines don’t sound enticing, rules can enable fun and tach kids how to take care of themselves on their own. This same application should be applied to your business. Sometimes you need systems and processes shown to you that have already proven their value and ability to generate success. Instructions and guidelines can create a new sense of balance.

This issue’s cover story, Honor Yoga has done just that by developing a system to support studio owners by providing them with necessary tools, resources and guidance to optimize their personal mission.

Essentially, Honor Yoga puts the firepower behind individual brands and teachers. They still allow owners to express their authenticity, but also give a family to turn to when the going gets tough.

“I want yogis who have worked very hard to acquire their credentials, who have grown as teachers and who are trying to build a studio to know we are here to support their passion with the things they might not have experience with — member services, social media expertise, website development, and the list goes on,” said Maria Turco, the CEO of Honor Yoga. “We have so much to share so that an owner can continue to do what they do best, but reach more people.”

This support given from Turco and the Honor Yoga team comes with a bit of tough love. Turco has a vision of success for each individual owner, the brand as a whole and each working part that makes up the Honor Yoga community, and she does what is necessary to ensure that vision comes to life.

“With all that love comes the hard work of knowing what works to breed success,” said Turco. “Our core team and I commit ourselves daily to supporting owners and managers while also expecting that the live, breath and execute the tools we’ve developed for their success.”

However, Turco understands failure is a part of life, and they will learn from each experience and grow with persistency and hard work at the forefront of their ventures.

“If you know everything there is to know in how to achieve your goal, persistency will give you the gas to get it done,” said Turco. “If you don’t know how to get to your goal, persistency will lead you to answers you need to find in order to reach your goal. Therefore, persistency is a necessary factor to success, hands down. One of my favorite sayings is ‘the opposite of success is not failure, it’s complacency.’ We honor our failures, keep going and we learn.”