In the Sept/Oct issue of Mindful Studio Magazine we spoke to the faces behind YogaWorks: Rosanna McCollough, the president and COO, and Phil Swain, an advisory board member.

In the cover story, titled “The Golden State of Yoga,” we touched on everything from how YogaWorks got its start, to how it has grown to the yoga powerhouse it is today.

In July 2015, the acquisition of Yoga Tree was a big part of that growth. The seven-location chain greatly increased YogaWorks’ reach into the lucrative Bay Area market as a result of the purchase.

Here is McCollough and Swain’s additional feedback on the acquisition that didn’t make it into the cover story.

Swain: “I think it was a strategic move for us. It’s a great brand, it’s been around and we thought the yoga [style] would fit in with us. But it also gave us a strong position in San Francisco, where we already were. It was a nice jump start.”

McCollough: “Yeah, I think what’s interesting is YogaWorks started as pretty much an eclectic-type style of yoga. And that’s what fuels our company. We have classes for people of all ages, all levels and all needs of physical and mental exercise. So when we looked at Yoga Tree, not only did they have a wonderful footprint, they had a wonderful eclectic mix of teachers and styles, and we thought that would be a great blending of two brands.

Swain: “We reached out to the owners. I think it was a good thing for both parties. They were ready at the time. They had gotten to the point where they were up to seven studios and it had been a little more than they had wanted to continue with.”

McCollough: Yoga Tree was a fantastic and first big acquisition of the company, and then it led to two more. It’s doing well.