Being a parent is no easy task. You have to take the kids to school, drive them to their after-school activities, get dinner on the table and make sure they’re in bed at a certain time. 

Sometimes it’s hard to find a moment for yourself. 

Yoga Landing in Chattanooga, Tennessee, makes finding that moment easier for parents by offering childcare at their studio. 

“I think it just makes coming to practice a little bit easier and not having to worry about scheduling somebody to come and watch your kids or having to find a baby sitter to go to practice,” said Della Wheeler, the studio manager. 

Yoga Landing’s childcare center is busiest in the summertime due to the children being out of school. 

“Parents have their kids all summer, so they need a moment to get away, but they don’t necessarily have childcare every day,” explained Wheeler. “We want to make it as easy as possible for someone to come practice so that’s one of the reasons we have it.”

One of the biggest lessons, and best practices, Yoga Landing has learned during the process is how to find childcare staff members. 

Most of their childcare staff are work trades. They work so many hours a month and get a free membership in return. “That gets them really plugged into the community so that they want to be here, and they get to know parents and other students,” said Wheeler.  

More of Della Wheeler’s best childcare practices:

Make it fun

Yoga Landing has private studios, and one is dedicated to childcare. The room is filled with big bins of toys, coloring books, boardgames and all sorts of fun stuff. “So, when they get up there, they are excited to play with whatever they played with last time and it’s always a fun atmosphere,” said Wheeler. 

Make it flexible 

The studio doesn’t offer childcare for every class, mainly the morning and evening classes that are the busiest. 

“We usually tend to expand the offering during summer because we know that’s when it gets really busy,” said Wheeler. “And then we’ll also sometimes kind of cut down on our offering during the holidays and times when we know people won’t really use it.”

They also offer a variety of childcare packages from single visits, 20 visits and unlimited monthly packages to give parents options. 

Make sure it’s covered

Wheeler recommends checking in with an insurance company to ensure that childcare is covered for the studio. 

Make it feel like home 

Lastly, Wheeler has one more tip for childcare: “Really make sure your front desk and childcare staff members are engaged, meet the parents, know the kid’s names, and greet them when they come in,” she said. “And just making it a super welcoming atmosphere so they feel like they’re at home and they’re family when they come to the studio.”