For a business, holidays can make or break you. Now Thanksgiving is upon us, which can only mean Black Friday is coming. A day dedicated to deals and savings can be a boost for your studio if done correctly.

Many businesses have started thinking outside of the box on ways they can market Black Friday. The outdoor gear co-op REI has even went as far as closing their doors on Black Friday and encourages shoppers to #OptOutside.

The popular card game Cards Against Humanity actually sold nothing on their site on Black Friday in 2015. Literally, nothing. They took their items off the site and left a pay page on their home page where you could input your information and give them $5 for nothing in return. They ultimately raised $71,145 from 11,248 buyers.

These two approaches might not be perfect for your studio, but they do show how thinking out of the ordinary can make you successfully master Black Friday.

Here are a few examples of Black Friday deals that are going on at studios around the country:


Sticking with the traditional theme of giving back around Thanksgiving, Barre3 students can head to any of the over 70 nationwide studios with three cans of food between November 24 and November 30, and they’ll get a free class. The canned food will be donated to a local charity.

CorePower Yoga

Black Friday is a great time to offer savings on gift cards for studios. It is essentially ensuring whoever the gift card goes to will be coming back for an extended period to get use from it. CorePower is selling $100 gift cards for $80 in hopes to bring in new students and give the returning members some savings on their classes.

Sky Ting Yoga

Who doesn’t love thinking about going to the tropics during the winter? Sky Ting takes advantage of that longing most people have and is offering 10 percent off winter yoga retreats.

Sterling Hot Yoga

Sterling Hot Yoga is offering free yoga for anyone all day on Black Friday at the studio. Whether that means people want to stop in and get a break from the shopping crowds or avoid the shopping centers all together, Sterling is free for anyone who walks in their doors.