With its latest functional enhancements, Bobclass, a mobile app for studio owners, is now covering all core functional flows needed to run your studio and offer a world class service to your clients.

What started out as a simple app to manage schedules, has slowly become a mature contender in the studio management software space. Last quarter the team added (digital) punch-pass functionality to relieve studio owners from manual deduction on check-out. Last week’s release now allows studio owners to publish their class roster to the web straight from the app.

“Our customers told us about the pain points with their customers and we listened” – tells Rob Goris, who is leading the functional design for Bobclass. “We first focused solely on the studio owners but with the latest functionality we started to empower them by opening up to their clients who now can view their schedule and request a booking on the web. Together with the sales and attendance flows that we have in place, Bobclass is now becoming a complete offering without the complexity that you would expect. After all, it’s still an app. Things like client class check-in is really just a few taps. We actually measured it, and it only takes 5 seconds to check someone in (and out), including matching it with a class pass! This way you can get your class started on time without queues and therefore happy clients.”

The app runs on iPad and iPhone devices and was designed for speed and mobility. Using native mobile technology, the app can also be used without internet connection and once back in the Wi-Fi zone, synchronization will take place. This way, clients can be looked up and checked in from anywhere. You can do your administration from your studio, the park, the beach or a remote retreat location.

Bobclass is available in the Apple App Store as a one-off purchase for the Base version. More advanced functionality can be added with the Pro and Studio versions that are sold as in-app subscriptions, which costs $9.49 USD per month for a solo instructor. The team behind Bobclass is happy to help studio owners get started with the app, or migrate from more complex legacy software packages. Please help us welcome this new kid on the block, or as the founders call it: the Boutique App for Boutique Studios.

For more information, visit https://bobclass.com/.