Jennifer Snowdon, the owner of Jennifer Snowdon Yoga, has worked with Bobclass for four years. Since she first began working with the company, she has found a partnership of success with them. Below, Snowdon answers a few questions about her experience with Bobclass.

Mindful Studio Magazine: How long have you been working with Bobclass?

Jennifer Snowdon: I’ve been working with Bobclass since I opened my studio in 2015. I wanted something easy, straightforward, and economical — Bobclass fit the bill perfectly.

MSM: Why has it been a good partnership?

JS: When I first started, all I needed was an effective way to track my clients, payments and their progress. It was app-based, so I could bring it along with me. This made taking care of my clients easy. Whether I was moving between clients’ homes, group drop-in classes at my home studio or pre-registered classes elsewhere, Bobclass could handle everything I needed.

MSM: What benefits have you seen to your business since working with Bobclass?

JS: As I’ve grown, so has Bobclass. Now with online schedules and booking, SMS reminders, and (coming soon) reports for studios, Bobclass is giving me more support all the time.

MSM: Is there anything else you would tell other studio owners about working with Bobclass?

JS: Rob from Bobclass is always available when I have a new idea or am looking for some new functionality. It’s a great product, with incredible support, working hard to keep my studio running smoothly.

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