The coming of a new year is exciting for most — it’s a time to reset and reevaluate goals from the past and plan for the future. As a studio owner or operator, it’s important to get a little ahead of most and start planning the upcoming year before the rush.

New students will be flooding yoga studios as they start their New Year’s resolutions. But how do you make sure your studio is the one they choose to visit, rather than the one down the street? And more importantly, once they walk in the door, how do you make them stay?

A beginning strategy should be to meet the potential students where they are at — and for most people, this starts on social media platforms. Katherine Huynh, the owner of Embrace Yoga in Fayetteville, North Carolina, explained if you aren’t really sure where to start with marketing during this time of the year, the best place to begin is determining how and why your clients are utilizing their social media platforms — their main source of advertisement consumption.

“I first look at who comes into the studio already,” said Huynh. “We have a broad demographic and many of our students use social media, so it is appropriate to connect to my students this way. I talk to my students and determine their interests to determine how, when and what content to display. If there is a certain strategy that is working for them, it will work to bring in new students. I also review insights and feedback on Facebook to determine what content is producing a lot of feedback, and that way I can tailor the content to be beneficial to students.”

As she does with each holiday on the calendar, Huynh suggested tailoring social media posts specific to that time of year. Look for ways to encourage students to improve themselves and to use the New Year as a time to reflect on ways they can turn their bad habits around.

“During holiday rushes, I adapt my marketing strategy by creating posts via Facebook that are related to topics of the season,” said Huynh. “I’d target things like holiday stress and how yoga can help, holiday travel, winter weather and tailoring a yoga practice to the change in seasons, holiday gifts of yoga, etc. We try to have our content at our studio become more about investing in oneself and developing a yoga practice around the New Year.”

A good strategy to market the New Year’s rush on social media is to offer different specials aimed at those with memberships. This can inspire your members to spread the word about your studio.

“Our class schedules are very consistent throughout the year — we offer classes all day long, every day,” said Huynh. “We usually like to offer holiday specials with memberships at discounted rates. This is also a good time for your instructors to try a specialty class they had been creating and have it offered as a tester class to judge attendance rates.”

As you count down the New Year with those you care about, set your intentions for the coming year for your studio marketing strategy.