Everything we know about a company is because of its brand. It is the link that connects the company to the customer and vice versa. As a yoga studio, branding goes way beyond just a logo or a graphic image. It is the entire customer experience from start to finish.

Wendy Cook is the owner of Big Rock Yoga in Little Rock, Arkansas. To her, branding comes down to the overall feel people get when they see or consume anything created by Big Rock Yoga.

One of the first places that someone will interact with branding is through a logo. It is how they will recognize your business and for Big Rock Yoga this was an important aspect to the studio’s branding. After being inspired by a book on her coffee table, Cook reached out to a designer to create her logo using the colors and movement found in the book.

“I described to the designers that what I wanted was a down dog that looked like a mountain,” said Cook. “I wanted it to be something that when people looked at it they could have a deeper insight. When I first got the logo back I sent it out to about eight people and I got different feedback from each one. That’s exactly what I wanted it to hit. I wanted it to have some great first impressions, but also some deeper insights.”

Since the beginning, Cook has stayed true to the colors and fonts found within her logo. Whether it be on social media, the website or inside the studio, Big Rock aims to exude the same feel to their customers no matter the platform. Cook picked three fonts to use and five colors.

“I picked fonts that were accessible through a couple of apps,” said Cook. “I have coached my staff that even when they personally promote a class that if they use Big Rock in their promotion to only use our fonts and our colors. If it’s their personal post they can do whatever they want, but if it promotes a class of theirs at our studio that branding serves them along with the studio.”

Beyond the fonts and colors, Cook explained that their branding is much more about what it all exudes to your community. Most of the pictures posted of Big Rock Yoga’s social media platforms are of connection and students supporting one another.

“I can’t say that the average person would look at the pictures and be able to interpret all this,” said Cook. “If you look at it from a macro, big picture level then yes, the fonts and colors are important, but what you put on social media and the images you put out there need to showcase who you are. Not a perfect, movie-star world, but as is. Sometimes when I take pictures of people sweating, they are like please don’t post that, but that is what yogis look like. This is what happy people look like.”

Cook advised a yoga studio owner working on branding to follow a few simple steps and results would follow. Picking fonts and colors and sticking to them is important, along with enforcing those with anyone using social media in regards to your studio. Most of all, she suggested being true to yourself and what you want.

“Make it simple,” said Cook. “Know your purpose and let that show in the images you use in your website and on your social media.”