The rise of the wellness sector is a wonderful thing. We highly advocate for anything that will lead to healthier, fuller, more mindful and fun lives!

With this growing emphasis on sleep, self-care, fitness, mindfulness/meditation, yoga and other methods to create a healthy body and mind, it’s a great opportunity for your studio to enhance and drive this trend forward.

Sleep. Getting your 6-8 hours of sleep a night is key to mental and physical optimization. Your retail space can bring in tools to aid with this. Sleep masks, calming essential oils or incense, diffusers and blankets! Create a capsule/shelf/section all around sleep. Try offering a yoga nidra workshop where all the props are used. Teach people how to get themselves into an environment and state where sleep will come with ease.

Self Care. Whether that is your body, your skin or your mind, self care keeps us energized and feeling well on a day to day basis. Find self care items for your retail shop or for class use that will resonate with your members. Everything from clean skin and beauty care, to massage balls, to a small yet impactful reading library, will encourage your members to take a more holistic approach to their wellness practice.

Fitness. Body and Breath. Encourage your clientele to move! Offer a variety of classes and create incentives to trying different ones. The yin yogis can often benefit from a more fast-paced cardio style vinyasa. The vinyasa yogis can learn to breathe better and more fully in a slower flow class. Give them options and encourage them to use those options.

Meditation and Mindfulness. These words are buzzing right now. People are recognizing the benefits of disconnecting for 10-30-60 minutes a day to be present, focusing on their breath, and letting the past and future go. Two ways to get this message in with your members:

1) Offer these types of classes in your studio. Many people are curious how to meditate, how to get started, and what they need to do – give them a safe space to learn about meditation practice.

2) Offer retail props that help make meditation more accessible for all bodies. Sitting on the ground for long periods of time can be painful; so, a good bolster, mod cushion or mat can make all the difference with different yogi’s bodies.

Any initiatives that you take to make your community healthier, fuller and more mindful, means they will keep coming back happier and more grateful from week to week. We may not be superheroes but we do have the ability to change lives.

Arin Takeuchi is the Creative Director at B Yoga & Halfmoon Yoga Products. She can be reached at arin@mindfulcollective.coat or