Susan Favale, owner of Honor Yoga East Brunswick in Milltown, New Jersey has been with Honor Yoga for a year. Read here how she got her start in the yoga industry and the positive impacts that Honor Yoga has brought to her life.

How did you get your start in the yoga industry? After practicing yoga for many years I decided to enrich my practice with teacher training. As I began teaching, a friend approached me about a small studio that was available to rent out. I looked at the space and it just felt right. All it needed was some fresh paint and a name. With the love and help from many, we opened the doors and within one year grew to a larger space.

What does yoga bring to your life? Yoga brought to my life the unexpected. Something new continues to show up in my life, on and off the mat. New ideas, new truths, new ways to think, move and grow. I continue to be surprised at the many facets of yoga. I never stop learning. My life has taken on new meaning and every area of my life is more awakened because of this magical practice.

How does Honor Yoga make a positive impact on the yoga industry? Honor Yoga creates a space where people enjoy the energy of coming together as a community — at the same time, the ability to connect to yourself privately on the mat. Once you step in our door you step into possibilities of change and growth. Just one class will awaken your desire for more. I have watched many friendships blossom from two strangers practicing side-by-side or waiting for class to begin.

We recently started a 501c nonprofit organization to make the benefits of yoga available to underserved communities. Members can participate by giving their energy and time, which stimulates karmic yoga and makes the world a better place. Honor Yoga wants to make the world better through yoga.

How does Honor Yoga differentiate from competitors in the industry? Although the physical practice is important at Honor Yoga, we focus equally on the mind, spirit and emotional health that yoga supports. People desire to slow down their mental activity, they want less stress in their lives. Yoga can help. We get to know our students as individuals. With personal connection, it helps us develop classes that meet their physical and mental needs better.

We also work to create an atmosphere that facilitates community by encouraging students to get to know each other. We organize activities outside the studio that all members can join, giving them a positive sense of unity. The studio offers free workshops each month where members have an opportunity to interact with one another in a different atmosphere. At Honor Yoga, each one of us celebrates the breakthroughs and growths of the other.