Whether you are opening a new studio or gym, or looking to update your equipment, choosing your supplier is an important decision. There are many factors to consider when doing this. Price is almost always going to be one of the main factors in making this decision, the quality of the equipment, customer service and the values of the suppliers that you will be working with, are all important factors to consider.

1. Price

Price will ultimately be one of the main deciding factors when you are looking to update or get new equipment. If you are purchasing yoga mats and accessories, there is a wide range of options available and varying price points. Don’t be deterred by a slightly higher price; generally, a higher price will signal a better quality product which is something that will be likely to last longer, and possibly be made of natural materials. This is generally the better option in the long run as it prevents you from having to buy new items frequently when the lower quality items wear out.

2. Quality

Price and quality can sometimes seem to have an inverse relationship: the cheaper the item, the worse the quality. Some companies do have dedicated programs for gear that will only be used in studios and not for resale that is of equal quality, but slightly less expensive in order to provide studios with high quality products at a reasonable price. Having high quality products shows your students you care about their practice.

3. Customer Service

The customer service of the suppliers you will be purchasing from is important to consider when you are evaluating who you would like to have a working relationship with. You don’t want to get stuck with a company that is unresponsive and has an automated phone system that is impossible to get through. Creating a relationship with a company that is responsive and is willing to help you and give you support is invaluable. 

4. Values

Choosing a supplier with a set of values that is compatible with yours can be an important consideration. Some companies have programs that give back to different organization or use natural products, and if these things are important for you, it is also important to look for these in your suppliers whenever possible.

When choosing a supplier, there are four main factors to consider: price, quality, customer service and values. You should consider all of these and consider what will be best for your company.

Kaitlyn Evans is the sustainability and marketing coordinator for JadeYoga. She can be reached at ke@jadeyoga.com or visit jadeyoga.com