Sacha Jones, Brit, living in New York City, has it all going on.  She is a certified Life-cycle Celebrant®, she has her own successful holistic practice and is an avid Yogini practicing different kinds of yoga for the past 20 years. She is so proud to brings aspects of her Yoga practice into the ceremonies for her client honorees.

Yoga started for Sacha in the early 90s when she and her sister attended a music festival in England that had a partner yoga class. After that, Sacha and yoga became forever together, and now she practices an array of yoga in NYC five days a week.  “Woom Yoga” is one of her favorites. The session starts off with harmonic sound meditation that stimulates the five senses; the room goes dark and there are twinkling lights on the walls. “It’s like being reclined at the New York planetarium and looking up at the stars,” said Sacha. “Our yoga instructor brings in essential oils, natural music and we finish with a shot of  turmeric infused ‘golden milk’  — all of our senses have been fed.”

Sacha tells us that ritual and yoga are so very complementary to each other. “Yoga is my constant self-care ritual. It has inspired me to take ritual out to the world via ceremonies. As a Celebrant, I weave rituals that take place in my Yoga practice into a plethora of life-cycle ceremonies that I offer which are: weddings, celebration of life/funerals, baby blessings and many kinds of healing and yransition ceremonies. For instance, I often open my ceremonies up with Tibetan bells to bring everyone’s attention to the ceremony which is just about to begin.” To give you an idea, here’s a photo below…

Photographer: Harley Hall, New York Dream Weddings

One of Sacha’s colorful rituals is that of the “Red-Thread” which imbues the wedding guess’ “good vibes”  or blessing into the couple’s wedding rings before they put them on and tie the knot.  Enjoy Sacha’s words and photo for this ritual:

Red String & Ring Blessing

Sacha: We would now like to introduce a very special ring blessing, and we need all of your help with this. May we please have the rings? An ancient Chinese proverb tells us that an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break. Today, in this story, the red thread has made itself visible.

We will be passing it around and it will unravel and weave amongst you. And along this thread we will be passing the rings. As a symbol of your love, we ask you to hold the rings and bless them in a way that is meaningful to you. With this gesture we are also connecting family and friends – dear loved ones of xxxx and xxxx. When these wedding bands come to you, hold them in your hands, hold them close to your heart, infuse them with love and then pass them along the red string to the person next to you. The ceremony will proceed as this is happening, so you may take your time.

Sacha and the red thread ritual in action. Traverse the Tides Photography

Sacha officiated at this wedding ceremony in NYC for a couple’s wedding that recently took place on the “F” train going to Coney Island. The couple wanted to have their wedding ceremony on a NYC train because during their relationship they were traveling a lot and wanted to pay homage to that aspect of their courtship and also to state to their guests/witnesses that they were starting off and going to the “end of the line” together. “The bride’s culture was Chinese, so the couple loved this ritual. All the good energy from friends and family went into their rings. Much like yog,a the concentration of intent, love and respect can be infused into a personalized and meaningful ritual within a ceremony,” said Sacha.

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