Backwards Yoga in Eldridge, Iowa, is passionate about sharing a connection both inside their studio and inside their community. That passion for connection is what drives their local business partnerships. 

“Most of our partnerships have been created by being active in the community and giving back to the community,” said Kela Ganzer, the owner of Backwards Yoga. “It is also like-minded people bringing ideas together to support each other and grow each other’s businesses.”

Backwards Yoga has three different local business partnerships. 

“We partner with a chiropractor who also has acupuncture and cupping,” said Ganzer. “We also offer Yoga for Back Pain and have the chiropractor come in and discuss spinal issues and the benefits of chiropractic and yoga care for our backs. We are able to offer more to our clients by partnering with this chiropractic office.”

Additionally, Backwards Yoga partners with a Keto pizza company and a smoothie company. Both companies provide the studio with products they sell directly in the studio. Ganzer said selling both the Keto pizzas and smoothies helps them offer a healthier lifestyle to their students, beyond just practicing yoga. 

According to Ganzer, these in-studio partnerships are easy, manageable and beneficial for both yoga studios and the partners involved. 

Another studio that has local business partnerships is Amrita Yoga and Wellness in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its two locations partner with 30 businesses in the greater Philadelphia area. 

“All of these businesses are part of our Business Rewards Program,” said Audrey Brown, the community concierge at Amrita Yoga and Wellness. “Our partners offer Amrita members a discount or incentive when they present their Amrita membership card. In exchange, local business owners and their employees receive a discount on classes at Amrita Yoga and Wellness.”

Amrita Yoga and Wellness began its Business Rewards Program about four years ago. It began by reaching out to local businesses, particularly those its staff enjoyed spending their hard-earned dollars at. “We like to reach out to like-minded businesses that mirror our own values of local community engagement, sustainability, and whole mind and body wellness,” said Brown. 

When businesses reach out to the studio, Brown does extensive research, meets with the owner or has a call with the owner before agreeing to partner. She is also plugged into numerous Philadelphia-based social channels, newsletters and community groups so she can stay up-to-date with new businesses opening in the area and find new potential partners

If your studio is considering starting local business partnerships, Brown said it’s important to get in writing the exact partnership terms. Some key items she says to consider include: What exactly are you offering the business? What exactly is the business offering you and your members? How will each respective business identify members and employees to take advantage of the discount? Is there potential for larger events or cross-promotions in the future?

Local business partnerships can help the local economy and your students live a better life. “We both benefit because we have the same market, but are teaching our students/clients the holistic overall wellness approach to life,” said Ganzer. “Being healthy doesn’t just mean working out or being physically active; it means taking care of our bodies internally and externally through a healthy lifestyle.”

Additionally, creating a business partnership network is a great resource for a yoga studio. “Not only do you and your members receive great benefits while supporting a community outside of the studio, you also have a partner for larger events,” said Brown. “For example, you could do a pop-up event in a partnered business or host the business in your studio for a sample event or trunk show. Partners can also be a great resource for your staff/student outings, act as collaborators for street festivals, lead workshops for your studio, and more.”

Above all, the partnerships are a great way to get involved with your community outside of the studio, meet with other great business owners and support your local business network.