It is an exciting time when a studio opens multiple locations. You are able to reach more students, create a larger brand and figure out what works and what doesn’t for your business.

However, in launching multiple studios it can become easy to make them mimic the first location. It was a success so why shouldn’t the others be exactly like it? This doesn’t always hold true though. Each location will come with a unique market, and your brand presence should be catering to it.

Dustin Towery, the director of marketing at Yoga Six, with 12 locations across the United States, explained sometimes studios need to take on a voice of their own to better represent the community they are a part of.

“We have our cohesive brand in terms of visuals and the language that we use for our brand personality,” said Towery. “But what we really focus on at the studio level is amplifying the personality of the space. That’s where that human connection comes in. When students can connect with the personality of the teacher or owner it really aligns well in every aspect.”

For instance, Towery explained the studio in Point Loma is very upscale and high-end versus the Carlsbad location, which matches the personality of the manager who is involved in local road-running clubs, full of high energy. Playing off the personality of the managers and the communities each location resides in has become a staple for the brand.

Yoga Six also allows the teachers to have their own voice and create classes around their personal brands. The company doesn’t force an instructor to fit a mold; they just aim to find the best instructor for each open slot.

“One of our teachers at the Point Loma location is a physical therapist,” said Towery. “If you look at one of our Chicago studios, a teacher comes from a personal training background. We are 100 percent rooted in yoga, but a lot of our teachers have such a diverse background that we want them to be able to bring that to the classroom.”

It all comes down to creating unique voices for Yoga Six, whether it be at the studio or class level. The 12 studios each work to create a personal brand specific to the surrounding community and managers, along with their desire to create classes specific to the instructors.