Culture Spot, the premier source for culturally inspired statues and home décor, now offers sterling silver jewelry and handmade meditation malas.

Culture Spot was initially founded to reintroduce the Ancient Treasures collecti. As the official U.S. distributer of Ancient Treasures’ statues and museum reproductions, Culture Spot has been proud to make this popular line available to vendors across the country. From Buddha statues to replicas of ancient artifacts, each statue is in keeping with Culture Spot’s goal to carry unique and globally infused goods.

emailblastExpanding this goal, Culture Spot has added sterling silver jewelry and meditation mala beads. Carefully sourced from all over the world, the new jewelry selection features iconic symbols and artistic designs that combine the cultural with the contemporary. Earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings depict the Tree of Life, the Yin Yang symbol, the Lotus flower and more. Also included in the collection are specially designed pieces that draw from a spiritually based, meditational mindset. Made with engravings such as “Breathe,” “Namaste” and “Be Present,” these items are exclusively available for wholesale at Culture Spot.

In addition to jewelry, Culture Spot also introduces authentic mala beads.

Made of gemstones, Mother of Pearl, plant seeds and bone, they are stunning and practical tools for meditation and yoga. Assembled and knotted by skilled artisans, malas are offered in a range of styles that include the modern and the traditional. Understanding the personal nature of meditation, Culture Spot hopes that its malas encourage personal insight and balance while adding beauty to this everyday ritual.

Culture Spot continues to offer retailers and vendors products that expand horizons and celebrate the traditions of other cultures. With an eye on craftsmanship and deeply embraced spiritual practices, Culture Spots’ new jewelry and meditation malas do just that.

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