Studio owners are constantly aiming to learn more about marketing. Most marketing efforts are transitioning to online channels as more and more people are taking to social media platforms to get their information.

In our most recent webinar, Michael Leibovich, Director of Demand Generation at MINDBODY, discussed three digital marketing must-haves that will help grow your studio. From tips on how to create an email strategy to secrets on how to get referrals and reviews, Leibovich discusses the best way to utilize what you have on hand to drive more business.

Leibovich was sure to stress that email was not dead, and to always be working to grow your email list. One big takeaway I noticed during the webinar was unique ways to avoid your email campaigns from being sent to spam. You might want to push the fact that a new class is free and use the word “free” in the subject line, or end it with exclamation points, or put a few works in caps to get attention. However, these are all ways to get your emails directly sent to spam.

Leibovich advised using Google to look up common spam triggers. Then, suggested trying phrasing your subject line as “January Newsletter is Here” or “How are You Going to be Different This Year?” Finally, test on all devices — mobile, tablet and desktop to ensure your time was not wasted creating emails by sending them directly to an inbox and not a spam folder.

Social media marketing was also a topic discussed. This is a huge platform for yoga studios. Each platform has its own unique purpose, from Instagram helping you build a brand identity to YouTube helping you boost your search engine optimization on Google.

One important tip I noticed was in terms of Facebook Live, a growing feature the social media platform launched recently. Leibovich noted that the more you use this feature the better, as Facebook is aiming to promote their Live option and will automatically rank you hire on the Search feature for using it. He suggested going live after your most popular class, while people are on somewhat of an endorphin-high and will give you great testimonials, to encourage those at home to come out and give the class a try.

No matter what style of marketing you are doing, you want it to be friendly and represent your brand to its fullest potential. To hear more digital marketing must-haves for your business from MINDBODY’s Michael Leibovich, you can download the full webinar here.