Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. Offering both at your yoga studio provides your students with one space for their wellness needs. One great way to make this available at your studio is to offer a juice bar in a section of your lobby.

For yogis following the niyamas, healthy living is a must. According to Linda Sambursky, the owner of One Yoga Body Shop in New York City, juice bars are a great way to help your students fuel their bodies in a healthy way — as fresh juices are packed with nutrients.

With this in mind, One Yoga Body Shop boasts a juice bar that offers all-fresh juices with no syrups, additives or preservatives.

“For yogis, it’s a lifestyle,” said Samburksy. “It’s about healthy eating and taking care of your body — they go hand in hand.”

One Yoga Body Shop makes obtaining the healthy lifestyle even easier by allowing its students to order smoothies or juices before class. Outside customers not attending a yoga class also have the option of calling ahead to order. This eliminates a rush in the lobby during hectic times. Samburksy said she still encourages students to hang out, however, to create a community atmosphere.

“The reason why we put the juice lounge with the studio is we wanted to provide a service for our yogis,” said Sambursky. “Since inception, for me, it’s always been about creating community and a safe place where people can go and take care of themselves.”

Melissa Smith, the owner of Mantra Yoga Studio in Carlsbad, California, said she has consistently seen a lack of the nutrition element of wellness in her yogis’ lives, thus inspiring her to open up a juice bar at her studio. Similar to One Yoga Body Shop, Smith encourages students to order before class so it’s ready once they roll up their mat. “Our juice is completely fresh — there’s no sitting around in bottles,” said Smith.

Smith explained a juice bar is also a great way to introduce and educate students on the benefits of clean and healthy eating. Since most people can usually find a flavor of a juice they enjoy drinking casually, Smith uses this time to explain how to further add a healthy diet into a member’s lifestyle.

“Our students are getting a well-rounded experience of our culture, they get to learn what’s in our juices, why we decide to drink juice after or before yoga, and they get to know the system,” explained Smith. “I find it’s a great training tool, saturating them into the culture of healthy eating and healthy thinking.”

A common question Samburky gets asked is: Why not just point members to an already open juice bar outside of the studio? That thought never crossed her mind, as the community at her studio is the target audience she is trying to reach. She would never make them travel somewhere else.

“We believe in our community,” said Sambursky. “We want to offer them the best, most efficient ways to achieve all-over wellness, and by incorporating a juice bar at our studio we are one step closer to that objective.”