Hosting yoga-inspired events is a great way for studios to engage their communities outside of their four walls. In addition, they can serve as an extra revenue source beyond membership dues.

For example, Malissa Bobbitt, the owner of Northern Arizona Yoga Center in Flagstaff, Arizona, hosts earth-based ceremonies surrounding the cycles of the moon that are loved by the community and regularly attended. The ceremonies are led by yoga and meditation instructor Candace Ryan, and certified Life-Cycle Celebrant Pamela Packard.

These yoga-inspired events complement the studio’s existing offerings, including an array of yoga classes, a spacious studio, personalized attention, experienced instructors and an ideal downtown location.

Furthermore, the yoga-inspired events turn the community onto the higher purpose of yoga — that teaches us to tune in and respect life — and helps to foster community. This combination of yoga, meditation and ceremony is a great match that resonates well on many levels. Attendees pay up to $25 a person for each special event that they have come to value and depend on.

Use these events for inspiration and think about viable ways you can create a buzz and offer relevant gatherings that will put your studio at the center of joy and healing in your local community.

 By Charlotte Eulette and Pam Packard. Packard is a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant dedicated to the belief that ceremony can have long-lasting, life-enhancing effects in our lives. Eulette is the international director of Celebrant Foundation & Institute. For more information, visit