In the March/April cover story on Wanderlust Yoga Austin in Austin, Texas, we showcased how the studio takes an “It Takes a Village” approach to running the business.

“The studio would not run without the contribution of so many of our leaders,” said Ashley Spence Clauer, the founder and owner of Wanderlust Yoga Austin. “It is through them that we are able to thrive.”

Because we were enamoured by the faces behind Wanderlust Yoga Austin, we figured you would be, too. Here’s some more insight from Clauer into herself and each leader, including what makes them tick and the strengths they bring to the organization.

Ashley Spence Clauer


“I really try to lead with my heart. Of course there are times when I have to make the best business
decision, but the people who work and teach for Wanderlust are who keep our doors open. I want them to be happy here, feel supported and heard. I want people to love where they walk through doors every morning, and love the people they work with. I want them to be creative and true to themselves.”


Maile Floyd

Marketing and Membership Director

 “Maile is a ray of light, and she always brings a fresh perspective to her work and the studio’s marketing with her playful ideas and wisdom to get them done. While handling the memberships is not the easiest of jobs at a studio, she meets each client’s needs with a smile and makes them feel heard. We call her Smiley Maile because she is rarely found without a smile on her face. This is seen most when she is speaking with clients and her co-workers. Her passion for the studio is apparent the moment you talk about Wanderlust with her.”


Lizzie Brown

Studio Manager

“Organization is everything for Lizzie. She has a knack for making the studio function in a way that not only best suits the clients, but also the instructors and staff members. Though handling front desk staff can be tedious, she has a way of delegating roles to everyone to make everyone feel important and needed. She is the go-to girl when a crisis happens at the studio. Her dedication and heart she has for the studio is seen through her daily work. Our studio honestly would not function without her hands on work she does.”

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