Stacey Brass, the owner of Yogamaya, on the intricate details of her studio’s success.

How many members do you have? “We have lots of regular students forming our core community, but we are a drop-in studio and constantly have new people attending the studio as well — there is a steady flow of yogis all the time.”

How did your yoga studio come about? “Our studio was created out of the shared vision of owners Bryn Chrisman, Stacey Brass and Glenn Riis to create a place where all of the authentic teachings of yoga could be practiced in one place — a bringing together of asana, study and devotion to create a community of enthusiastic practitioners that want to experience everything that is yoga.”

In your opinion, what is one of the most interesting or unique features about the yoga studio’s architecture or design? “Everything about our studio was carefully designed to create a beautiful environment conducive to yoga. Some unique features in particular are the skylights throughout the space and our incredible hand-carved wooden doors and window screens that we had custom made in India.”

What is one key to your yoga studio’s success? “Creating a welcoming vibe where students of all levels can come and take signature Yogamaya classes with our expert teachers.”

What is one piece of advice you could give to other studio owners? “Stay true to your vision.”