Maura Bradley, the owner of Bee You Yoga in Manasquan, New Jersey, found her way to yoga after a period of life change. She started her practice after having two of three of her kids. At that time, her father had been diagnosed with cancer, and yoga became a way of coping. A couple years later, her mother was also diagnosed and passed away from the disease.

“Yoga was a way to help me heal,” said Bradley. “That’s when I decided to do a teacher training with hopes of working with cancer patients. I wanted to volunteer and teach patients to help them through the process.”

After volunteering at organizations to work with cancer patients, Bradley was approached to teach yoga at a summer camp for kids who had been affected by the disease. At this camp, Bradley found her true calling.  

“I went and worked with these kids and it was amazing,” said Bradley. “I was in awe of these kids, having been through all they had been through and still smiling. It was so inspiring that I knew I had to get certified to interact with them more.”

Bradley traveled to studios teaching kids yoga classes for birthdays or a pop-up kids program. As the demand grew for her to teach, Bradley began to run out of space. The decision was simple: she would open her own dedicated kids yoga studio. Thus, Bee You Yoga was born.

“I had been driving by an embroidery shop for months, as I was trying to get my daughter’s soccer bag detailed, but every time I went by it was closed,” said Bradley. “I turned to see if it was open one day, and there was a ‘For Rent’ sign in a window. I immediately called the landlord. We signed a lease that day and opened the studio two years ago.”

Bradley is currently working to expand the amount of teachers at her studio, and registered a 95-hour training program with Yoga Alliance. 

“I just had my first 95-hour graduate out of my training,” said Bradley. “I also go to other studios in the area to widen that net so more kids can learn yoga and mindfulness.”