Three things to consider when it comes to choosing your yoga mat:

Your yoga mat should act as a tool to complement and strengthen your students’ practice, not act as a hindrance or distraction. It should allow you to fully be in your practice and just be you.

Here’s a three-point breakdown for choosing a yoga mat that’s right for you, or helping your students choose one:

1) Length, width and thickness of the yoga mat

For length and width:

Are you… Tall? Small? Thin? Thick?

You want to feel that you fit on the space your mat had created just for you.

For thickness consider:

– Type of practice

– Sensations of your body in class

– Your commute

You may require different cushion, durability or compatibility. A rigorous practitioner or someone who’s feeling discomfort and feeling the floor through their mat may opt for a thicker mat. An on-the-go yogi may opt for a thinner mat.

Many companies offer multiple lengths, thicknesses and widths. Do your research cause there is no “one size fits all.”

2) The smell or scent of the yoga mat

Yoga should be a pleasure for all the senses, including smell.

When choosing a mat, consider:

– The contents of the mat (How will the mat materials inherently smell?)

– The cleaning methods for the mat (How will it smell over time?)

– The initial scent of the mat (How will it smell out of the package? Should you leave time to air it out after opening it?)

3) The grippy nature of the yoga mat

Sweaty palms? Hot yogi? Transitions galore? There are many yogis who benefit from optimal grip during class.

Look for the term “open-cell” means that sweat or moisture will be absorbed into the mat, allowing it to maintain grip. This is versus a mat that creates puddles or wet, sometimes slippery spots on your mat. Something to look out for in the fine-print when choosing a mat.

The key to your yoga mat success is that you, the yogi, feel stronger and more present because of the tool beneath you. No need for gimmicks, distractions or extras. Just you, your practice and your mat.


Arin Takeuchi is the Marketing Manager of B Yoga. She can be contacted at 1-800-475-0801 or at