Creating a strong and engaging brand through social media.

Social media can be a great way to reach out to your community and other like-minded people, but it can also get pretty overwhelming. Like a yoga practice, it can be easy to give up on your social media platforms when you don’t get the results you are hoping for as quickly as you would like, but like all practices, good things come in time.

Managing your social media is much more than updating your Twitter feed at any time of the day — you want to focus on creating a strong and engaging brand for your studio with each post you create.

Jack Cuneo, the chief marketing officer at Kindness Yoga in Denver, Colorado, said it is important to sit down and figure out what your goal for social media marketing is in the first place. Social media is so oversaturated with content, so knowing where and how you would like to stand out is a good first place to start.

“Figure out why you’re in business first,” said Cuneo. “What do you value? Then, use social media in whatever ways generate the most impact related to your values. For us, that means encouraging connection and offering people a refuge from the shouting and blaring megaphones of a world soaked in advertising. Don’t contribute to the noise; people will tune you out. Sing a beautiful song instead. People will follow you, slowly at first, then with greater velocity as they start singing along.”

Laura Tulumbas Juell, a founder of Twisted Trunk Yoga in New York City, emphasized the importance of keeping in mind why you start your social media platforms. According to Juell, yoga is a slow practice, so posting a lot of information at a fast pace goes a little against the grain of a yogi lifestyle. It can be easy to get caught up in posting a lot of content as fast as possible, so it is important to take a step away from it sometimes.

“I almost feel like people become such voyeurs,” said Juell. “They want to know what’s going on, but they don’t want to engage. Everything is moving fast and yoga is the opposite where you want to take a breath, and that need is getting lost in translation.”

Brand recognition is one of the most important things to focus on in your studio’s social media efforts. You can have multiple social media platforms, but make sure there’s a cohesiveness between each of them. Juell said you can’t stress enough the importance of knowing how you want your brand to be recognized and not straying off of that path.

“You want to know who your brand is to promote it through your social media,” said Juell. “Whether it’s a look or a feel, it almost needs to be represented at all times. It needs to be a clear message so people can see a brand recognition with it. Obviously, the same thing goes for what you are promoting. Whatever your studio is focused on or whatever your niche is, that’s what you’re putting out over and over again, so you need to become that for people.”

However, Cuneo said it was important to keep in mind how to utilize different social media in the most efficient way possible. Look for ways to spread meaningful content and be a platform open to intelligent discussions. A beneficial aspect to social media is how interactive it is to different communities. People who may never have spoken to each other can interact in multiple ways. It’s your page and you control how and why people are interacting with one another.

“Don’t consider Facebook as just another megaphone to shout at people,” said Cuneo. “Think about it like a garden patch. Use that garden patch to grow the culture you want, and get people excited and talking to each other about what you’re up to. Get people to communicate about you among themselves, even if you never say a word. Get them to generate the content, while you provide the container.”