As a yoga studio owner, you understand the importance of returning customers and customer retention. When a brand new, fresh-faced person walks through your door in hopes of becoming the next member of your yogi community, this is your opportunity to make so many things go right.

Welcome, welcome, welcome.

Always have someone there to immediately say, “Hello” and lend that welcoming hand when anyone walks through the door. Choosing and training your front desk staff to be warm, knowledgeable and friendly is critical. Just remember, you can’t make a first impression twice.

TIP: Encourage teachers to be present behind the front desk for the 30 minutes leading up to their class. Any new students coming in can meet them right away, ask any questions, express any concerns and feel more confident walking into the studio.

Provide them with the good stuff.

I’m sure you’ve learned that a good yoga mat can make or break your practice. A good mat will make you feel secure, confident and safe in your poses. A new yogi renting a mat from the studio doesn’t need to be looking around the room wondering why they are the only one unable to stay still in their downward dog when things start getting sweaty or why they have fibers of mat on their clothes.

TIP: Offer free rentals of a good quality mat as part of your intro offer. Once the yogi has spent a week or month practicing on a great mat, they will either continue to rent that great mat or buy the same one from your retail shop once their trial is up.

Props for everyone.

Encourage your teachers to cue all students to pick up two blocks and a strap at the beginning of class. “Grab some props if you need them,” isn’t a helpful statement for new yogis who don’t know what their needs are yet, or perhaps even what that means. Cueing everyone to get props prepares the entire class for a safe and accessible practice, without anyone feeling confused or alienated.

TIP: Keep the props in the room and at the back of the studio. If someone forgets to pick up a prop, they are more likely to go and get what they need if it can be done so in a discrete manner.

At the end of the day you know how great your studio is. Why would anyone not want to stay? These are just some small notes to up your chances of making that fresh new face a member and yogi practitioner for life.

 Arin Takeuchi is the marketing manager of B Yoga. She can be contacted at 800.475.0801 x 300, or