Sometimes it takes stepping outside of your business to gain fresh perspective and renew your excitement for the work that you do. While getting away can seem difficult when you have a busy studio and a full schedule, making time to attend educational events and industry conferences should be seen as an investment in your business, your career and yourself.

Here are just a few reasons why you should plan to attend an industry conference:

Learn from the experts

Get inspired by leaders in your field, learn new ideas and gain insight into the latest industry trends. The powerful knowledge you bring back to your business will help you be more productive and stay ahead of the curve.

Network with your peers

Sharing stories with like-minded people in your industry will spark your creativity and motivate you to try new business approaches.

Have some fun!

Industry conferences are a great opportunity to socialize and spend some time enjoying yourself.  Also, attending events as a team can serve as a great bonding experience, and a chance get to know each better other outside of the studio.


Amanda Patterson is MINDBODY’s VP of Marketing. MINDBODY’s annual BOLD conference, held this year Sept. 27-29 in San Diego, California, brings together business owners, practitioners and experts from across the fitness and wellness industries. With a focus on business best practices, BOLD offers educational sessions on a range of topics and a variety of networking opportunities. For more information email or call 877-755-4279.