Creating community is a goal of most yoga studios. In this day and age, however, it can be hard to get people off their phones and engaged with the world around them. At Sonic Yoga in New York, New York, they formed a way to better expose their community to what they were providing, via social media.

Todd Henry, marketing manager at Sonic Yoga said they started promoting on their Instagram a Healer of the Month, Yogi of the Month, Pose of the
Month and a Community Partner as a way to connect everyone on their platform.

“We look for people who have passion, a spark, a love for yoga & take class regularly and/or have taken our teacher training program, and sometimes teachers are chosen,” said Henry. “We also try and pick different types of people with diverse backgrounds, ages, and perspectives. With Healer of the Month, I seek out within the community or through word of month from teachers and staff, or sometimes healers come to us. Our Community Partner is usually a business that matches the yogi lifestyle such as a store that sells meditation books and incense or healthy restaurants and organic food services.”

Creating these unique posts on Instagram accounts or other social media platforms is a great way to capture the attention of your audience. It is a good way to draw your local community in and keep them around to see said they started promoting on their Instagram a Healer of the Month, Yogi of the Month, Pose of the what will come within the following months.

“It makes the staff more invested in social media when they see one of their students picked or another teacher doing the Pose of the Month,” said Henry. “Also, when some of us are involved in the process of picking someone and interviewing them for a video or blog it creates more of a family atmosphere where we can celebrate different people’s points of view.”

Creating content that gets the entire community involved is a way to retain current students, bring in those considering yoga as a practice and help interact with local businesses around you.

“Offering something to your community they want and need is a sure fire way of getting people engaged and thrilled about your studio or business,” said Henry. “Make your customer the star. Also, let them know what you are excited about in an authentic way. People crave sincerity. Get creative.”