In the practice of yoga, you begin with the breath. With practice, the ability to expand with each breath increases. As a growing network of yoga studios, Honor Yoga is a testament to the possibility that yoga brings to each body and breath, to every teacher, studio and to the business of yoga as a whole. In less than three years, Honor Yoga has grown to 10 locations throughout central New Jersey. With a mission to bring yoga to as many people as possible, Honor has shown incredible initiative and creativity in creating community both inside and outside the studio.

Honor’s success hinges on balance between individuality and brand consistency that facilitates community. Each studio operates as a unique local business, while the brand supports all locations with experts and leaders in retreats, yoga therapeutics, aerial yoga, family and pre-natal yoga, as well as meditation and mindfulness. In a world in which there is demand for specialization, yoga too is increasingly diversified and specialized.

To reach beyond the studio walls, Honor has ongoing programs to give back to the local community. These include the Honor4peace practice, the Honor Our Heroes campaign, and upcoming launch of the Honor Foundation to provide yoga-related programs to under-served populations.

Maria Turco, co-founder and CEO, has nurtured Honor’s growth. Her role, she explains, is “to lead the creation of a business model that helps yogis run a fulfilling and sustainable business, one that supports the growth of strong communities through yoga.” With more than 20 years in the fitness and health club industry, Turco has taken her experience and applied it to a network of community-based yoga studios where people can come to care for their body, mind, and spirit through a holistic practice.

For more information on the brand, contact Maria Turco at 609.332.5689.